Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Songs Added

Well, i've been browsing through some animes as of late so i found some unforgettables and decided to post them up here for awhile. ha! =p Actually, its more of the songs that were nice rather than the anime. Realised that most Jap anime pins alot onto fan-service either by creating uneasy situations where many "naked truths" are revealed or by creating abnormally cute characters with glassy, bubbly eyes making up 2/3 of the face. =/
Added my platoon picture too so go see!!! The skinny lanky-looking guy with specs right to the left is my PC! Can't imagine ya?? haha....

Btw, as for the blog presentation, I'm not pro enough to get it to work on both IE & Mozilla yet so for now only Mozilla displays my page properly. However, problem lies with the page song....page song only works on IE so far. -_-" sigh... so frustrating!!! bah!!!


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