Monday, October 16, 2006

Blog changes

Made some minor changes to the blog in lieu of old stuff cluttering up again. Didn't really solve the problem (like the archives list taking up the whole left sidebar!!) =X But nevertheless, i took off some redundant stuff here and there. Oh btw, i had to take off the tagboard too because it went conky!! =( *sob* So for all those treasured folks out there who read my blog, just use the comments thingy for now.....till i can get a new tagboard or something. *ahem...too lazy to do it at the moment! ha!*
Oh.... I think i'll be learnign driving soon but guess what?!?!? MY INSTRUCTOR ONLY SPEAKS CHINESE!!! AHHH!!! THE HORROR!!!! Nooo!!! How can this happen to me?!? I'll fail for sure.... bah.... =(


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