Sunday, September 24, 2006

Unfair Treatment

Haven't posted in a long time!! Well anyway, i've gotta mention about the recent exercise. Seems quite sad that the higher management did things that most prolly hurt the relations between our platoon and the elder A1 platoon. sigh... I'll just list it all out for you. Just see why it has us all irate...

Outfield: 4 days 3 nights
Activities outfield: Tracking, 1 Ceasefire
After Ex Maintainance: Cleaned General stores only
Rewards: Clock 2 days off
Cover-up Maintainance for A2: Nothing

Us (A2)
Outfield: 7 days 6 nights
Activities outfield: Deployment, Tracking, Ceasefire + Redeployment for A1 takeover
After Ex Maintainance: All Military Equipment, Keeping of all stores + equipment in hangar
Rewards: Clock 1 day off
Cover-up maintainance for A1: 1 Fire unit under driclad

Its just so blatantly unfair. To top it all off, only our platoon was sent to represent the SQN in the RSAF run last sat. And its not like A1's being very grateful to us for helping them out so much in an exercise that was supposed to be shared out equally. From what i heard, most of their platoon feels that they are doing us a favour by cleaning our general store for us, and that we should be the ones taking care of what we brought outfield. Moreover, they blame us for not doing their equipment weekly runs for them, even though they had ample time to do it themselves on that friday.
I dunno whether irs because they are more senior than us or because someone up there hates us. Not gg innuendo more than that but you get the rough picture that my platoon's not a very happy one at the moment. =( After this scenario, i dunno how both platoons will be able to work together again in future. bah...


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