Sunday, September 24, 2006

Scones Abroad

Goodbye Yun Xin!! Off to study Pharmacy ya?? haha... That's 2 ppl gone for overseas studies from scones & next week will be Jish's turn. Come to think of it, despite the majority male population in class, its been only the girls who are flying overseas to pursue their studies. O_o Interesting isn't it?? ha! Its really a fresh twist to see the girls being more adventurous than the guys in this. =)
Anyway, heard that Mrs Chan raised her voice at delinquent students in AC recently. I got the details but its kinda hush-hush because according to my dad, the students (ACSI ppl!!) brought shame to the sch. sigh... No wonder Mrs Chan was so mad. btw, it was the first time in years that she ever raised her voice at students.... =( It seems the students are pending expulsion too. i dunno... Well, its a good reminder not to do anything stupid in sch....


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