Sunday, August 06, 2006

Spec Exercise no. 1

Woohoo!!! lotsa hols coming up next week =) I wish every week could be like that. haha! Anyway, had a rather slack week even though we were involved in an exercise with the new spec course. Its prolly already into their 6-7th week on course already and i can tell you that its still less harsh than our first weeke. =( They really show no sense of urgency outfield, quarrel (and nearly beat each other) over not cooperating during the exercise and dunno anything about some of the SOPs we practice during deployment. Well, they paid for the slackness by having a hard time over last week. ha! Was really surprising that mostly all we, as operators, did was to pack the things up the tonner, unload, set-up 2 tentages & slept from tuesday night to thursday morning. (Of course after that we DID do a round of deployment and ceasefire but it was over rather quickly) =)
Oh...knowing it was the 7th month and that ghosts were supposedly hanging around in the mortal world, we got rather spooked when our PS brought a bag of joss-stick & offerings for the dead along!! haha!! So superstitious!! Our Sgts also poked fun at us for travelling as a 19 member strong platoon. They kept saying that we'll end up with 20 or 18 people when we reached back to SQN. (Travelling ard in odd numbers was supposed to be risky during the 7th month) Funny thing was, we really DID return with 1 member less!! haha!! Thankfully it was because someone had a medical appointment on the last day and not because ghosts kidnapped him! They managed to hush enough info for us to panic during role call on the last day. ha! =p
All in all, we got good comments from our PC for working fast and helping the new noobie specs out on their deployment. If all goes well, (that prolly means for our coming deployment the week after) we will be allowed to bring in TVs & Bar Fridges next month on!! whoopee!! haha!! That'll also prolly be the time we shift down to take over our senior A2 bunk as they ORD..... *sob* I wanna ORD too!!
Just in case i forget later on, HAPPY 41st BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!


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