Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sending Line!!

Finally met up with my classmates on Sat as part of sending line off for her overseas studies. Didn't really expect alot of ppl but in the end, there were more than 30 of us sending her off with all the best wishes and hopes for a smooth journey. =) And.... Ms Tang came along too!! haha!! I think line was pleasantly surprised by that too! We met up for breakfast and talked till it was time to go before taking some photos.... (you can tell by the look on line's face that she's still as blur as ever.. haha!!)

To further prove it, Line nearly said "yes" when paul asked her whether she was also coming to send line off. ha! then again, none of us were thinking straight that morning.... all still sleepy from having to wake up so early to go to the airport. -_-"
After line left, the rest of us decided to go to PS for lunch then watch Click. Now....for all those addicted video gamers and stoners... Click's quite a good show to watch. =) It really shows you the consequences of idling away your time and then finding out that time cannot be reversed. Rather sad ending with a nice twist to the show. =) hmm... (shouldn't promote the show too much...$9.50 for a show is really too much...bah...) err.. for all those who haven't watched Click, you can always watch it when it comes out on tv! =p I do that with most movies and it only takes about 1-2 years before it gets released.
We left after the show but i stayed on to meet up with zzx, shaun, russel & jerold to play dota!! heh... Played some funny mode with all of us as pigs and ended up in a quill spray war. haha!! Quite funny... But twas the time i spent with my old friends that really made it worthwhile. =) Hope to see all my barker friends again in our next class reunion........whenever it may be. =X


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