Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ines, Mel's Bday & other stuff!!

Ok... i know is late news but anyway.... Ines is 1 1/2 months old!! haha!! (if you still dunno, she's Sarah's little girl) For all those of you who are friends of Sarah, you can find out more about her here...
Went to Mel's house ytd to surprise her for her birthday. ha! Was invited by her mum who planned EVERYTHING from calling us (mel's friends), preparing the house, the food and getting Mel out of the way while she did all of the above!! haha!! Never knew mums could set such surprises! The most amazing part was prolly getting our phone numbers without even letting Mel know about it. =) Anyway, Mel was pleasantly surprised. (she thought that she was gg for dinner at her Uncle's place) Her mum got a cake for her too, which we shared out. was GREEN!! oh my... haha! Ended up talking to Zhen Yang most of the time about army and life. There wasn't much choice though... The only other guy that stayed around was ian tatt and he was bagua-ing with the girls about Mel's and serena's love life.. O_o
Apart from that, camp's still quite normal. Well into my maintainance course now. They call it OEMP, which stands for Operator Enchance Maintainance Programme or something... =/ It'll end end of this month which is also when the shag part comes in. From August till Sept, i'll be going on many deployments as part of routine and also as part of helping the new specs and officers train in their AA guns course. I hope i'll still remember the basica of the gun then.. haha. Nearly got scolded for *almost* forgetting how to power up the PSU last week. =p
Oh, wanted to add that i'll be looking into improving my garden again... Saw how chio Mel's garden was on Sat. -_-" (Mel's mum is really great.. ha!) But that, it'll prolly take lotsa planning on my part before i'll be able to come up with anything solid. sigh... gardening is tough!!


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