Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ex. next week!!

ha! haven't blogged in a long while again. Anyway, woohoo!! I completed my maintainance course! =) Not that it counts much though. haha... Will be starting on my first exercise after my training phase next week. According to what i heard, we'll be helping out with the new specs on their 2 day Try-out Ex. It'll be from wed to thurs so those who wanna wish me luck or pray for me can take note. =D Shouldn't be too bad, but i hate to think of having to do all the tedious platoon parades that we carry out perfunctorily anyway... bah.... then there's the setting up of all the ammo-points & admin tentages in the dead of the night. super sianz... =( Glad its only 2 days.
Oh, i got my first guard duty coming up!! (Actually i got an earlier one but i sprained my ankle that week & got excused) Anyway, this one falls tmr. And it seems kinda bad, firstly because its like just before the exercise & secondly, the rest of my platoon will be clearing their off tmr! =( Oh well... perhaps, or rather hopefully, the experience won't eb as bad as i'm imagining...
Haven't done anything with my garden this week either cause of the weekend rain. (Alright...laziness was part of "cause" too) But to make up for it, i'm learning new songs again! =p This time i'll be moving on to anime songs, particularly sentimental ones liek Lilium!! Lilium, with its eldritch tones of latin, is quite a emo-inducer. Currently i managed to find most of the scores from Bleach, DNAngel & Inuyasha. Prolly learn them before carrying on.


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