Sunday, July 16, 2006

Baking again!!

Yay!! I got back to baking again!! =) Actually, it was more of my father pushing me to bake something because our cream cheese was expiring... -_-" Anyway, I played a part in making 2 slightly overcooked cakes!! haha!! One's the original Cheesecake while the other one's a Cheesecake Brownie!! =X Don't ask me where i got the recipe for the latter!! Its a secret! *wink*

We had our 36th Anniversary for our SQN last friday. Though we had to stay back till 11+ for the cleaning up after the celebrations, It was really fun and worthwhile. =) We had something like a huge outdoor steamboat buffet with free flow of drinks (And YES!! Including beer) And a few of my platoonmates drank themselves silly that night. ha! The last i heard was that my bunkmate imbibed no less than 14 cans of beer that night!! Weird thing was that he was neither drunk nor sick. That was unlike some others who drank less than him, but ended up vomiting all over the place. There were also some "she-devils" (as my superiors call them) who shyly, if not unwillingly, danced with groups of us that night. Of course, even those who didn't get to dance did get their fun by oogling at those scantily-clad women. Mind you, the atmosphere there was excitingly disorientating. Crazy but true... =/
As for progress on my garden-reconstruction project, my sis offered quite a good suggestion about reserving a corner that resembled a "desert" (with lotsa sand and all) where all our cacti (not Cactuses!!) will go. Was thinking of having an outdoor sitting area too but the garden area's a bit too narrow. sigh.... Any suggestions?? Just tag or comment. Thanks!!


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