Sunday, June 04, 2006

Theory Tests Completed!!

Well, Technical Deployment was really more than i expected. =( It was more shag & siong, especially when everyone's not sure with to do or when to do what. Had a feeling that had we pulled out straight-away on Monday night itself, we wouldn't have reached our bunks alive. (In the end, we rested for the night and continued our ceasefire the following morning)
Hmm.... on thinking back at the problems we encountered, i guess it was more of the plethora of stores that we had to carry along with the gun which made us so tired. Pushing the gun & PSUs itself wasn't all that bad as compared to the former,i thik. =/ Anyway, last week's experience was only with a 1/2 FU, this week's Ex is a FULL FU. =( Hope i'll survive to write in my next entry....
Managed to clear lots of tests last week too. =) For one, i finaally got my Sliver for IPPT!! haha!! I was genuinely surprised that i managed to do 9 chin-ups at the bar this time! I normally can do around 5-6 at a time only. Well, that's an extra $100 in my bank. hehe... Next up..... i passed lvl 1 Aircraft Recogniction test! woohoo... Our PS gave us a nasty surprise when she shrunk the screen by about 1/6 for the actualy sizing to be correct. Still passed but think it affected me psychologically i only mistake was writing C130 in place of a Chinook. -_-" (And it was a side view somemore... ) =X ha! Last up was this PDD test which i dunno the results yet. Think i should be able to pass too though. That wraps up all the theory tests that i'll be taking during the course. =) All's left will be tmr's Ex and our Summary Ex the week after. woo... Hope they'll pass smoothly... i hope.... i hope....


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