Thursday, June 22, 2006

POP once again!

Yay!! Just passed out of my guns cperator course!! =) Also got some benefits too, now that i'm no longer a trainee.. =D ha! It wasn't easy coming out of the course, you know?? Firstly, its one of the longest courses around, spanning at 13 weeks! (and you don't even get to pass out as a sergeant or 2nd Lt) bah... Heard from my CO on POP day that the 160 SQN course comes up as prolyl the toughest course in terms of physical and mental demands out of the RSAF and maybe even beyond. (except for commandoes and guards, of course) haha.... dunno if that's true, but it really makes those of us who passed out (a sad 19/27) proud to be a gunner. Got a nights off and short week as a results of the PO Ceremony and us winning best unit for the year 05/06. Scary thing CO is now pushing for us to bag the award again for the 4th consecutive time this year. =/ uh...oh......
Anyway, What i'll be doing from now on will be a servicing course which will commence in July. It'll be about 1 month long, which also means that we won't be going for any out-field exercises over the next month... bwahaha... =D Life after that should be back to that of a normal everyday gunner in 160, which includes servicing, 1 out-field a month?? (depends) and practising for IPPT. =( The latter came about because my CO recently scrutinized our IPPT scores and was horrified that so many of us were still failing IPPT, despite the supposedly extremely tough and inhumane treatment during our course. Now he expects us to acheive at least a Silver each or suffer yet again... =( bah..... Thankfully, i managed to clinch mine already.
My reward for that?? Being able to take the lift down.... -_-" oh whatever.....


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