Sunday, May 28, 2006

Technical Deployment (10th wk)

Hey!! Actually kinda scared & anxious about the next 3 weeks of course. Yup, its that time already.... we're gonna start moving out of the coziness of the Hanger area to new deployment sites! haha... Starting tmr will be our deployment drill liao.. ha! How fast time flies... =) *hope i remember my drills on deployment =X* In total, there're 3 deployments we must live through before we can POP. One on each week. =( bleah.... Anyway, I'll continue to update on how each deployment went in the following weeks,
Oh, just heard from this year's 2A1 Time Capsule reunion. Its next weekend (from what i heard) Do contact my cuz for details. =) Heard about another Scone outing too!! This time i MUST go!! hrmph!! haha.. Its kinda strange....everytime i pledge to go for Scone outings early only to feel sian near the date and decide not to go in the end. =/ Dunno what's wrong with me. Hmm...oh, as for Kai Rui's problem, i guess we could plan a 2nd outing with a smaller group just to catch up on times with our fellow scone!! How's that?? (Besides, it fits in with my schedule as i end course on the 20th) =D ha! Just.... don't ask me to plan it. I'm hopeless in these kinds of things... to go eat now! Till next week!! bye!!


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