Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day!

ha! I know i'm like....1 week late already & that Mothers' Day was actually held last week. Anyway, just blame it on the elections... =D My family celebrated Mothers' Day yesterday with us, the children, cooking dinner for our parents!! ha! For my part, i was to make Shepard's Pie, slice sashimi & steam some pomfret that we bought yesterday itself. Counting that i last made Shepard's Pie at the start of last year for the Childrens' Aid Society, i dunno how in the world did i ever remember the recipe for the pie but i did! =p What made me more happy was that it was the first item to disappear on the dinner table!! haha!! Only thing that didn't turn out so well was the tomato soup my cousin tried to make. It was supposed to turn into a thick pastey kindo f soup but we ended with something that looked more on the side of minestrone. =/ However, it was delicious and that was what mattered!
On the NS side, i'm finally finished with all the guns tests! woohoo... Left Aircraft recogniciton, combined deployment with radar and the Exercises. Just heard from Ze lin ytd and somehow i feel lucky not to be in army anymore... But then again, he was in Ninja. =/ Oh, some more funny things happened during the Gun Deployment tests. Well, this person, who i shall call Blur, committed a series of stupid mistakes that just shldn't be committed at all during a test. For one, Blur started off his day trying to take off the main canvas of the gun from the rear side instad of the front. Next, he forgot to take his gun along with him during ceasefire. He mixed up the covers, attached the gun muzzle inside out and shouted "wheels jacking up" while elevating the gun barrel,.. ha! Still think the worst was ceasefire last week when he signalled (with a thumbs up!) to turn on the power to the gun while holding the power cables in his other hand! Luckily the othes had the presence of mind not to do it. haha...
Prolly going to try making Cheesecake today. Hope it'll turn out well. =) Have a good weekend and Happy Vesak day too...


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