Sunday, April 02, 2006

First Week

This first week has been the most hectic since i joined the army. =( We were made to change bunk, get weird equipment for hangar training and do something called a chin-up regime which was excruciatingly tough. Moreover, i was made course IC.... sigh... I realised that i had forgotten most if not all of the marching commands that we learnt in BMTC so i had to sheepishly ask the instructors what was what all over again. ha!
We started our first hangar training lesson on friday. Contrary to what i envisioned as a torturous physical period, hangar training was!! (that is if you take it in the right attitude though...) There was lots to learn about the gun, and if one had the passion for it, learning how so many things could fit on 1 skeletal gun structure will truly be an eye-opener. =)
I'm feeling much better now for those who heard that i'm on status (again). Was feeling low and my knee hurt (the former aggravated the latter) but after coming home and talking to all my friends and family, i'm myself again...or so i think.. ha!
Oh btw, the class party on Sat was great...ended with a memorable time where JonK and I missed the train and had to share a cab back. =) SOON HOE!!! WHY YOU NEVER GO!!! ( rhymes..) Next time then...chaoz....


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