Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Whee.... I finally went to church after what i would call a 4 month hiatus! =X Yup.... it wasn't easy, having to wake up so early again and all but well, it was worth it. =) Saw alot of my friends again (eg. John with his shaved and yun xin & her bro! ha!) Oh...managed to go out for lunch with mel on Sat too however jialing couldn't join us so it became a rather silent outing. ha! Mel showed me her super high-class workplace too which occupied the entire penthouse of Shaw Complex! O_o was a place that needed the good ambience anyway. The place was called The Aesthetics Clinic or something...Deals with beauty issues and spas. ha! Only drawback will prolly be the price. (starts about $3k for 1 botox!!) That's also prolly why the place was deserted when i went there on Saturday.
I got 1X confinement already. sigh... Got it for some really stupid thing like leaving my rifle around. tsk.. Not a very good idea when you're in the army with instructors who are picky. bah... Anyway, hope that i won't get anymore.. kk.. gotta book-in now. If you don't see me around next week, you'll know where i am. ha! (Sai-Kang Warrior for e Weekend!!)


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