Sunday, April 23, 2006


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIALING!! heh! A bit early but i'll be in camp again later today so yup. =) Btw, Its my own birthday too in a few day's time!! Not that its anything to be happy about... (i'll be slogging away in camp..) But well....16- Sqn does have some peaks in that the CO sends birthday cards to everyone on his/her birthday! O_o ha! Weird practice but well...its the thought that counts. =) Oh... happy birthday to Yi Pei too. Don't really know you but since your birthday falls on 27th, i thought i'd just wish you a happy new year on Earth too!! =p This week was super tough and i'd have to say that our instructors were lenient cuz i made so many errors and repeated errors and the most i got was physical torture for it. *phew* However, some sad things occurred. One of my fact my bunkmate, collapsed while running around after a botched attempt to push in the AA gun. sigh.... Luckily he was alright but the entire incident really shocked the whole lot of us. =/ Sigh.... .4 weeks of course over, 9 weeks more to go!! bah....


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