Friday, March 17, 2006

A week gone by...

More than 1 week has passed since POP & tmr will be the release of my postings. I can't say that i'm not worried but i'll just hope to go to a place where the people are workable with. =) I hope not for the kinda luck i got in BMTC. ha! But at least a good and lax enough environment.
Apart from that, i'm still having trouble applying for a U... seems that i take ages to do my write-ups and send my applications... grrr.. .anyway, i'll most prolly take up pharmacy. Was considering a teaching career in Chemistry which i feel is a safer route to take, considering the experience that i already have with parent teachers & a teacher-wannabe sis (haha), but i guess a pharm career might prolly be more interesting. I hope my passion in it lasts though....last i heard was that to convert back to teaching for pharm, its either Poly or only if i'm REALLY outstanding in research & recogniction, the Uni itself. =/
Oh, btw, i'm also back to song score snooping & thanks to ichigo's webby (yah..yah... i just found it even though its been there for years....) i managed to obtain a few rare scores like FF6's Falcon theme. ha! Its all in watered-down piano versions so it was kinda disappointing however at least i've something to work with now. hehe... =p I also found out the actual name of the spirited away theme i left on this web so from now on, i'll put it up instead of just "Spirited Away".
Lastly, Jish!! Hope to see you in OCS but then again... i hate OCS training!! ahhh!! So siong!! dun wanna go there!!! waaa.....


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