Friday, March 24, 2006

Off to Chong Pang camp!!

Hey guys!! I'll be off to chong pang camp from next week on. Finally got my posting today after the super draggy orientation programme. =/ Somehow i get the feeling that the Air Force environment is pretty different from the Army one.. heh... guess i'll not jump to any conclusions till after my course starts. =) Oh btw, i'll be manning an AA gun!! haha!! It came as quite a surprise since the rest of the Air Defence Weapons we had were missles. won't give the specifics here ( reasons) but heh... the weapon looked rather cool & fires about as fast as any machine gun!
So far, the other non-RSAF vocations i heard about were scary... There was one friend in some chem def squad who said everyday consisted of a 4km RUN, lotsa pumping and training on top of that as well as a possibility of SOC in the hot suits!!! And its only the first week. =( I hope my vocation's not that siong... It is field-type too considering how some smart-alec figured out how to add wheels to those guns. So in any case, i'll stil require field training...which includes those SBO & FBO-related training...bleah... And yes, i'll be smearing sucky camo-cream on my face while eating breakfast on my field camps too. =( The good thing is that the guns are towed, not carried, (thankfully..haha..) and we'll work in teams. (so that if anything goe s wrong, you'll have someone else to blame for it!) =D ha! Oh... bad omen time... NTUC Income came to us AGAIN!! And this time with more zest and zeal in their futile plea to get us to sign up with their insurance.. bwahaha...but that prolly tells me that my vocation's going to be like BMT... tough & risky. So all of you out there calling my unit a slack one because of this week better not jump to conclusions too. bah..
oh well, that's about what i know for now... oh...Scones!! Do come for the gathering this Sat & next. I haven't heard from JonK whether teachers are coming but do come and catch up on the times anyway. Hope to see you all there!!


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