Monday, March 20, 2006

Above All--RSAF

Hey... I got into the RSAF! That means that my das as an army recruit are over and from today on, i'm an Air Force recruit! haha.. (doesn't seem like much difference, does it??) Anyway, I landed myself in this sucky vocation called something like Air Defence Weapons Operator (ADWO). I don't really know how good or bad that is at the moment but whenever i mention it to any of the regulars at the air school, they 'll go... "oh....that sai-kang job ah??", then give me a knowing smile. -_-" Sigh... I also heard that once i go into training or unit proper, i'll only be released on weekends (but unlike the SAF, i'll be released on Friday *instead of Sat* to report back on Sunday) =D Still.... i can't imagine 1 1/2 years of operating some missle or worse, some missle dummy. Seems like hardly the occupation to follow when some others in PES C9 can proceed to become specialists as AOS, doing nothing but reading off plasma screens in an air-con control tower... bah.... =( They are regarded as more senoir & earn more than us too which makes the situation terribly unfair. *sob*
Well..that's all for life ahead but as for this week, i'll be having orientation at AFS (air force school) and so i'll get to come home every day! yay!! haha... i'll prolly also be getting my air force uniforms too so i'll be out of dull greens for booking out soon..hehe.. That's prolly one of the things about the air force that i like more than the army. They dress better. =)
I'll try to update on what weird things we have to do during training once orientation is over. From what i heard already, we are to identify planes (and i mean up to the model & weaponry of the aircraft!!) up to 1 km away in 4 seconds!! ha! I'll prolly need more than a telescope for that! bah... =/ sai-kang job indeed....


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