Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sit Test & Range

My blog is starting to become more of a weekly column or something... -_-"
Anyway, had range and sit test over last week which was rather packed, considering that range took up 2 days & sit test 3 days. Only got home on Sat cause Wed was reserved for final IPPT tests. (in the end, we got 89% passes!!) woohoo..
Range felt like a louder version of IMT. Even though we were firing real bullets, the danger never really set in to me. I foudn that strange after 18 years of being awed by firearms. I guess that once you've learnt to appreciate the weapon & use it for what it was meant for, you'll come to accept it. Something like fire... as a kid, fire is like an enigma, interesting, but dangerous when touched. but as we grow up, we learn to accept its presence as a useful commodity & no longer as dangerous. Well, if you don't get the point i'm trying to bring across, nvm...
Oh btw, i managed to get 27/32 for range... which is super suay, considering 28 & above was the mark for marksmanship rating. -_-"
I got off easy for Sit Test though... ha! My section got selected as the advance party for the camp! So..... WE DIDN'T HAVE TO WALK THE 12km ROUTE MARCH!! whee!!! haha... my team-mates were friendly guys too & apart for some poor navigation on the first day.. (we nearly walked across to the BMTC 1 Sit test area... ) sit test was like any other leadership camp..... just more tiring. =) The fun part during the camp was probably the cool *weapons* that we were to inherit. That included a LAW (light anti-tank weapon *a close lookalike was used*), Claymore mines (actually a wooden block) which i was in charge of =p, a medical stretcher (this one was real), signal & navigation sets which were real too. (,") We really felt like a combat unit out to conquer the world or something. ha! The irony was in the fake weapons. Imagine... i was told to guard that wooden block at all times or else its guard duty or something nasty. Bah.. Oh, another fun part are the nights. During the 2nd night out field, some of the instructors sneaked into the campsite & started doing weird things like taping up the tents so that ppl couldn't get out in the morning or things like pulling out the tent-pins and letting the whole tent collapse on the poor recruits. ha! I guess it beats field camp, where some instructors played ghost to haunt the campsite. =)
On next week's update, which happens to be about my last week in BMT, i'll be having my 16 & 24 km route march! (it sounds siao though....), my SOC full rundown & my grenade throwing. =) Grenade throw is auspiciously set on tuesday, just before A lvl results. That means that i'll miss the chance to blow myself up if i get bad results on wednesday. sigh... What a pity. I really hope that i'll do well enough for my A lvls. Not forgetting that i hope that all my friends do well too. Anyway, All the best for next's week's results. And no matter what, remember that results are not everything to life k? God Bless!


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