Sunday, February 19, 2006

Field Camp!!

ha! Field Camp's OVER!! muahaha,... Really glad to get past the (supposed) suckiest part of BMT. =) Well,as compared to Orion, i guess my field camp wasn't as bad as i imagined. For a start, in view of a possibility that A lvl results might come out on friday, we had our camp shortened to 6 days! On top of that. hmm.... we had no wet weather throughout the camp, no terribly loud thunderbangs during BIC (Battle innoculation course) because the system malfunctioned, we had an easy time during trench-digging cause Jaguar dug & covered the holes the night before we dug them -_-" & fresh rations on two days! haha... Training was still tough ( and boring) though... learnt and practiced something called fire & movement where we had to skip from tree to tree, shout and echo orders and fire blanks at the enemy. Don't think that's very effective but then, its NS.
Prolly the most memorable moments about field camp were the last 3 days. On tuesday, we had an early morning run to the Eastern jetty where we stayed to watch the sunrise before training.=) The scenery was euphorically beautiful and our commanders said that they actually spotted dolphins there the last time! =) The horizon had the misty landscape of Malaysia which seemed like land from a fairytale... Too bad i didn't catch any photos of it. =(
The next 2 days were spent on the reclaimed land in Tekong. Don't get the wrong idea...they actually planted the place up with dense hardy vegetation already so its not the kinda desert land that most of you are imagining right now. Anyway, the shrubs were pretty low there so it gave us an uninterrupted view of the stars at night. (And YES!! I saw Orion, Canis Major/Minor and all those stars which i saw during star gazing in JC) =) It was really pretty! ha! Bet you can't get a better sight in Singapore....partially because there is little background lighting in Tekong.
Anyway, that sorta wraps up my field camp. =) Range and Sit tests are on next week. bah.. .another long weeks... Hopefully i won't get confined so i'll be able to comment on my experience on the sickening 12 Km route march in Sit test and the squinting i'd have to do for night shoots. bleah... haha... Thanks for showing support of my webby!! Hope to see all my friends again soon!!


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