Thursday, February 02, 2006

Back to NS & Field Camp!!

Thought i'd just get this in. ha! Its almost time for me to leave Singapore to Tekong again. bah.... =( Anyway, the hol period i got for CNY was truly refreshing. Its not always where you'd get to eat and eat & play & play without worrying about studies and tests coming up! =p Best part will prolly still be the no. of angpaos you'll get from all those relatives who you know exist only during the new year to give you angpaos. (confused?)
I'll be going for my field camp soon! Hope that'll be a fun experience. Heard the food rations were bad but oh well... food's not everything there is to a camp. More interesting will be the activities and hmm.... the weather. -_-" During Goei's party, i heard that Orion got caught with rainy weather on 1 day. What started out as normal Indiv-Field-Craft (IFC) lessons transformed into instant mud parties. =/ (I'm hoping to avoid that btw...) Oh... I'm not certain but i think that unlike Orion, I'm goign to spend 1 extra week in camp after the camp itself!! ekks... That'll mean i'll have to wash all the yucky clothes myself!! ahh.... boohoohoo... =( sigh... oh well... guess i'll play by ear and see how things go along.... besides.... i'm too lazy to think of a solution. bwahaha...


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