Sunday, January 29, 2006

NS Life

Happy CNY everybody! I'm well and proper in NS now!! ha! Time really flies and i'm already past my 2 weeks of adjustment and racing full-speed along to my field camp when i book in again. =) I dunno what others make of it but to me, i guess NS (at least this BMT period) functions rather similar to a school system. NS, i realised, is no longer about endless hours of punishment, training & commanders trying to break you down and toughen you up and all. Instead, they practice the art of garnering mutual respect between the sergents and recruits to get a task done as efficiently as possible. This difference was kind of a pleasant shock to me. Being with an unusually gregarious group of bunkmates, we somehow managed to bond so well with our section sergent that he tries to just join us for a chat whenever we get a siesta. =) (some of us don't even get to chat freely out of class with teachers in schools!) ha!
I'm not saying that because of that, training standards are negotiable in there. Training's still extremely exhaustive & the 7 hour sleep rule really isn't enough rest to make up for it. =( I guess that's a reason why people end up sick in there.... coughing non-stop during lectures and marches. Oh, speaking of that, you do get an unsettling premoniation of death during the first 2 weeks. So far, 2 insurance companies have approached my company using hard-sell methods to sign us onto some insurance scheme so that we can die more peacefully. Then there's the coughing wave during lectures, and lastly, the scene of 1/4 the platoon under MC or on home-sick leave. Scary but what to do... =/
I'll try to keep this blog active for the benefit of my loyal readers. (who have started complaing about my inactivity..) I'll also try to post up some pics of life in NS if i can. =D Meanwhile, i'll just laze ard and be thankful that i can book out on AC funfair day. (,")


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