Saturday, December 03, 2005

Prom Shopping

Its been a long week of shopping for prom stuff. Spent almost the whole of 3 day's worth browsing, selecting and trying on exquisite boutique wear! Sometimes i wonder how women keep up with that kind of shopping stress.....seems almost that they were born with immunity to shopping fatigue! Bah.... must be some unknown trait that the XX chromosomes confer. O_o I guess its with that kinda stereotypical view that i found 4 guys, shawn,gary,nich & I, shopping all the way from PS to Orchard, ludicious! ha! btw, its not a good plan to follow to buy clothes. In fact, i think i foudn the reason why guys dress so poorly. Most guys have poor taste for clothing....and most girls have poor taste for guy's clothing. ha! No easy way out of that i guess. =)
Actually, somehow i find it quite amusing that students would pay close to a hundred dollars to go to a posh dinner, then fork out twice or three times as much more to buy clothes for the affair. And what benefit lies other than to watch your friends pulling crude jokes and doping drinks? ha! Lousy theme to go with that too! Masquerade! I mean, harlow crappy organisers!!! NJ & HC have the same theme too, ya know?! unique can that be! Asking us to don masks and disport about a crammed ballroom? =/ Wonderful ya, those $16 masks? (or so i heard...) Now we're paying more than a quarter-thousand and we don't even get to see our friends pulling crude jokes and doping our drinks!
Well, perhaps its not as bad as i make it out to be. After all, its prolly a monumental milestone in our lives, being the epitomy of what marks the start of an adult-gentlemanly/ladylike life and the end of younger days. Its kinda another bittersweet ending, don't you think? One where we finally begin to part ways and begin our new lives....and families. (winks) haha.... A very happy wedding, Ms Chia, and wishing you a great many anniversaries to come!! =)


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