Thursday, December 08, 2005

Prom Night & Bangkok Trip!!!

Woah.... It seems that Prom night is now a distant memory now.... Time has really passed. Strange that it didn't elipse that quickly during term time. sigh... Once again , i can't help believing that ITS over!! =( JC life has ended good and proper now. ha! Nostalgia once more....
No matter, i'm glad that Prom ended on a good note. =) This group of pub-defectors which included me, marc, vic, alk, christine & nich left for a coffee place to talk, sip drinks and snack. And so we did.....for the whole night! ha! That was probably the longest time i ever spent talking without feeling bored. I doubt any of us felt differently though. Can't really describe the special emotion in the air then but i'm sure that it was a bittersweet one once again. We left in the morning and i nearly missed my stop home because i napped on the train. -_-"
Hmm...nothing really notable happened after prom. I was still in a daze from too little sleep and from trying to recall what we talked about the night before. Anyway, i'm not really going to have time to turn emotional and all. Will be leaving for Bangkok today! ha! Its not the usual long trip though... 9th to 13th only. (It seems that vacations get shorter as you grow older..) I'll prolly be buying all my christmas prezzies there. The conversion rate is like.... 1/25 per S$. =) Cheap & great place for buying food and lotsa goodies.... =D I'll post up nice pics of the place if any. heard from JonK and Marc that the people there are kind, unselfish and all. Hope i'll get a similar experience.
Oh, Speaking of Pics, i took some during prom too! haha... Nothing really spectacular but here are some anyway...


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