Saturday, December 31, 2005

House Painting & NS!

Yay!! the house has been painted, the celling store cleared & my room's packed (somewhat) =) Its as though i were living in a new home or something. (but i know better...) >.< New my home looks light yellow from the front, white from the side and idunnowhat from the back! But at least its a great improvement from the 1 inch thick moss & lichen covered walls an all sides before the paint job. In case you're wondering why it took me so long... .Painting isn't easy k!! First, you've got to spray off the mossies and lichenies from the wall using that super high-powered water jet. Then once its dry, scrape the old layers of paint off, taking care not to peel off the underlying plaster. After which the metal brush comes in to brush off sediments which will cause thenew paint to stick loosely. Only after all that is done, does the paint brush step in to inunduate the wall in smelly sticky paint.
Of course, following instinctive behavior, this standard procedure was shortened into....
1) Spray off lichen and loose paint
2) Paint
*ahem* was still hard work k!! Nasty lichens still continued to stick to the walls even after you've sprayed till the plaster came off! (opps...) Anyway, its done and i'm happy. So who cares if the wall falls off after 3 months? I'll be enjoying my resort in Tekong! =D
This Year's Christmas wasn't the christmas that i imagined it would be. Strange things like badminton outings, dota parties & even weddings starting coming out all ard christmas, all of which were restricted to dull weekends in the past. Thankfully, presents still found their way over and i managed to squeeze in my ugly christmas cards to some friends. (Its a reminder that good penmanship is needed for card writing.....attempt it at great peril...)
Well...i'll be going in next week. And like Daryl and yyk. I'll prolly post my last words and wills on the blog before i go. *sob* NS is like a 2 year statement of exilement for male teenage candidates who lazily type blogs and play all day long. I wonder why it isn't mandatory for girls, who do the same thing, to go in. Meawhile...its back to packing and lazing ard! whee!!!


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