Saturday, November 26, 2005

A lvls are over!!

ha! Hello once again! Its good to be back from my month-long hiatus and much more so to be emencipated from the A lvls! =p The A lvls are over!! yay!! Never though that this moment would come! haha... However, its kinda sad that my siasta would last only about a month or so before i become slave to the govt.... bah...

Anyway, i decided to make the most of my holiday so i did something that i had wanted to do for a long time.. (actually, i just ome up with the idea last tues..) I dug up my garden! =) Yup... i woke up ard 7am & steathily dug a path right through the plants while my dad accompanied my grandma to the market. ha! Its kinda fast considering that i spent only 5 hours cutting the grass, blazing a path through, shifting plants around, turning the soil..etc.... Its hard work but you can't get a garden without dirtyng yourself first. ;) In the end, it all paid off!! I managed to build a "somewhat" steady path, complete with cobbles on the sides through the plants. Another yay! (look at picture) All that really shocked my nature-loving grandma when she returned but surprisingly, instead of scolding me, she complimented my efforts at (finally) helping with the gardening! haha... Made me happy and proud to see so many smiles today. It has a salubrious effect. ;)

The other notable event was my mom's birthday last tuesday too. For the first time since idunnowhen, my dad actually bought flowers, nono... Roses! for my mom!! ha! That was in addition to a birthday cake and a heartily dinner cooked by him. wow!! =) That was like...the first time i ever saw him buy her a birthday present. haha... (See other picture!)
It seemed that life and a plethora of joie de vivre just came tumbling back in place once the A lvls ended. I hope it'll stay that way, without me venturing obsessively towards video games, numerous outings or verboten adventures *ahem*.


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