Thursday, October 20, 2005

Post-school days...

Gosh...its about only 2 weeks before we reach the penultimate moment of our lives. =( Horrible isn't it? The crazed suspense over the entire issue.... And when its done, we'll all look back and wonder, "how did we do that?" or..."why did we even bother to study for such an easy exam?" =/ ha! Come to think of it, i guess we're all seeing the O lvls in such a light now... It just seems like once you attain a certain level, you're challenged to advance furthur, and further, until you don't emerge the victor...then society declares that as your potential. heh.. That's a satirical view of the world but doesn't it make sense? haha..
Since school ended, i've turned back to cooking somewhat. Tis good to experience the pleasant aroma of food, my food, once again. =p But its making me grow fat again. So i went to the gym. But gymming doesn't seem to do anything besides making me ache all over for 2-3 days and give me a big appetite... bah... If that's bad, i realised worse can happen though... nearly fainted in the gym after pedalling away at a cycling game for 8 mins!! haha.. it was the most queer feeling, like the lactic acid in your legs just wouldn't go & that someone turned your tummy upside down. (Right...felt like vomiting too...) Its prolly because i hadn't warmed-up well or something. *modicum of guilt...* ha!
Oh, i'm finally getting the hang of the finger-twisting version of lost of me on this blog. Was playing it the other day when i suddenly realised... "hey!! I memorised 3/4 of the song already!!" =p I guess that counts as good news as compared to my pathetic attempt at weight loss.
Going for vocation tmr!! Heard its something to do with opting for commando or something...not really looking forward to it anyway. I'll blog more about it next time.....if i live through it...haha...


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