Monday, October 31, 2005

An epitomy of service!!

Its down to the last week before the exams! Not that everyones looking forward to it. I should venture a guess that all one wants at this point is just to get over it as soon as possible. (And hopefully score those enticing As & distinctions) ha!
Anyway, just thought to share this restaurant,Naked Fish Shoppe... Its in the grassroots club and has been prolly there for the last 3-4 months only. My first time there was a surprise. There was this super-percipient waiter there. (whom i shall call Mr.Service) Well, Mr.Service looks almost like your average mid-30s waiter, other than his meticulously combed hair, neatly ironed clothing and shiny boots. Yes, based on first impressions, he almost makes you feel as if you've just stepped into a hotel as he welcomes you and only you with open doors and a bow. My mom and I who were the only guests there, found his impeccable service disturbing. =/
He was slated as our waiter which brought up more incongruities with normal S'porean service standards. For example, Mr.Service would individually pass out the menu to each guest, reverently repeating "here's your menu,'s your menu mdm...". He woulod then reiterate in a vociferous tone, the soup for the day, the dessert of the day, what special offers are there & what a complete meal comes with, as we browse the already extremely informative menu. Now is that called service or what!
I gave my mum an innuendo that i felt Mr.Service wasn't compos mentis...
That wasn't the end of it. His impeccable serive extended to bringing a water tumbler every other minute to ask whether we would like our cups refilled.....even when they were 4/5 filled! =/ I decided to eat carefully lest Mr.Service, with his vehemence for top-notch servie standards gainfully offer to wipe our mouths for us.
After our lunch, Mr.Service proceeded to stride towards the door and hold it open for us as he thanked our coming as a servant would a king. Again, with that idiosyncratic bow of his. I just couldn't help smiling. Once outside, i peered back to see Mr.Service already rushing to gather menus to what would be his next "victims-of-service" that day.
Though the experience totally freaked me out, it caused me to think and prolly subscribe to a "moderation" theory. Though the govt advocates for businesses to insinuate as much service into their activities aa possible, a plethora of it, as Mr.Service had proudly showered us with, can also be a nuisance to those wishing a peaceful, quiet meal......or to those who wonder about the sanity of their waiters. =/ Even so, i felt a pique of disappointment and sadness when my family went back there yesterday to find that Mr.Service had left. The Naked Fish Shoppe had become just like any other restaurant again, or perhaps, worse off. This time, my picky grandmother even started complaining that the stupid parsimonious waiters wouldn't even refill her empty cup of water. I stared into my own empty glass of water and smiled. "If only she had seen Mr.Service....If only..."


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