Monday, October 10, 2005

Charity & Why teenagers should not & must not be compelled to give.

Is charity a right or a privillege?
That was the question i asked myself today during the collection of funfair coupons. Not that we were forced to buy coupons but it sometimes seems that people go all the way to make life difficult for you if you don't or couldn't help them in their charitable causes. For example, just heard that those who didn't sell their coupons were denied testimonial privilleges and worse, were ridiculed and reprimanded for being heartless & uncharitable. Isn't that giving the hard sell on people who have given charitably during other occasions but just decided not to donate so much this time?
Well, you may say that testimonials and broken egos may be passing doldrums in life, however, is that kind of punishment justified to the individual? All he/she did was to refuse pouring out hard-earned money to a parasitic charity.... Wait, its not even THEIR hard-earned money.... All THEY did was just to refuse to pour out THEIR PARENT'S hard-earned money to a charity.
"What's wrong with that?", some may say. As adolescents, we are entrusted to spend whatever is required from our parents' pockets to gain a proper education, graduate and return the years of favour back to them. In that case, upon whose authority are you allowed to splurge money you never did earn into a charity. Dependants in a family should never be allowed discretion regarding charity. Let those who earn it decide to give if they are willing. After all, they are the ones who toiled for their salary, not you.... That's why i find it ludicrious or rather, totally insidious that charities today prey on the good-will of dependants like teenagers. Young people never truly understand the value of money.
Its just so strange that donating sems so much as a right more than a privillege these days. Words like "selfish" or "ingrate" should never come out of those who seek donations. It just isn't fair if you consider the world in such a manner. We all might as well join a charity & start living off others as well! In such a world of welfare for others, nobody would be left on the side of giving, i assure you...


Blogger Caprifoliacae said...

Well... i left out some points of consideration. hmm....

1) Childrens must learn the joy of giving and might not be so willing to donate out of their pocket without realising the happiness associated with it.

2) Give for God. ha! Interesting point. Isn't it weird to give away other people's things for God?
Analogy: Will it be right for the servant in the parable of the talents to give away what the master entrusted to him to a charity instead of what was mentioned in the bible?? What then, should he say when the master returns??

3) We are entrusted to do what we consider right with the money our parents give us. That includes giving freely to charity. Its all part in the experience of learning....

Consider these thoughts & a debate about the 2nd point will be oh-so-interesting...

My JC Term closing entry is on the Scone blog itself... Just felt that it should be there..

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