Saturday, October 29, 2005

Catfish trauma!!

The leak in my new catfish tank had gotten so bad that i had to transfer Mr.Bossy Catfish back into his old tank. (yep..the tiny one that gave him his hunch) I dunno how the leak digessed so rapidly. It took the entire past week for the water to seep down to half tank and then today, after i replenished the tank, 4/5 of it was gone by this evening! Either the catfish had done some tough digging or i dunno-what... Anyway, just goes to show that a stitch in time save nine or ten or eleven, which is what i experienced today. =(
Well, this post would've been much shorter had not my catfish try to play smart and acrobatically jump out of life-giving water on to the ground while i went about transfering him. I panicked! I didn't know whether pick him up with my hands and plomp him back in the water (ewww...) or transfer him to another vessel first. There was no empty container in sight! And Mr Bossy there was squirming helplessly on the floor! In the end, i poured water on him from a basin full of water, placed him inside it (i had to prod him in...squichy..eww...) and drowned him in his ned "old" home, hoping that he wouldn't play smart again. that was a real relief for someone who accidentally killed tankfuls of goldfishes & tilapias. *sheepish look*
All in all, my mom enlightened me later that i need not have been so worried because, according to her, catfishes DO naturally come out of the water to "sunbathe" once in a while!!! Just like those whales! Of course, if they don't naturally return to the water after that, they naturally die... *ahem*!! I never knew my catfish's special ability to remain out of water for extended periods of time. (if what my mom said was true..) I never even knew of why they would need sunbathing in the first place!! O_o It just occurs to me that they'll end up bruising their squichy underbellies on coarse beach sand as they squirm up..... err.. nvm... haha! Imagery can get rather grotesque sometimes..
Happy Belated Birthday Soon Hoe!! =) Wanted to catch you before you left on Monday but i was too slow...
Early Happy Birthday Lifeng!! Ms 1987-Nov-2!! =p Really great to have you as a surprisingly knowledgeable friend and classmate! All the best for the A levels1 (Though it hsa become the most cliche term of late..)


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