Sunday, October 02, 2005

Barker & Mustard

Ok, in case you're wondering what in the world is that picture doing there, its to show how Barker Road strives to eb just so different from the rest of the other ACS schools. Kinda weird that only Barker has to put its name under the crest when other acs schools don't. =/ Oh, i think that the prefects' badge in barker also changed to a silver background with dark blue words instead of gold on blue. (Some goat's well-intentional idea but....) =D
Didn't really do much this weekend again. Breakfast was a surprise though. Went to Cafe Cartel with my family & found that they serve bread even for breakfast! wow!! haha... I ordered a5+ coissant (yeah, their prices are still as ex even for breakfast) which i layered with lotsa free mustard and pepper.... but pity those weren't hot enough for me. =( I realised that hardly anyone imports hot mustard to Singapore! Its kinda ironic since S'pore food is generally spicy with lotsa chilli and all. So why not mustard too?? The closest i could find were those Kraft squeezy bottles of MILD mustard. bah... Still remember those good old days in Aust where i happily burnt my tongue combining over 10 types of mustard on a hotdog there. (Wait...maybe those weren't that-good-days after all...) heh... Oh well, at least we have wasabi to make up for it here. (They're both types of horse-radish right??)


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