Sunday, October 02, 2005

Background Song

Ok, as promised, i finally managed to steal someone's format for the song list so that you guys are no longer forced to hear that draggy (but beautiful) FF remix piece. Anyway, I added 4 more songs to the collection, which means that the page now loads many times slower. but that also means taht you'll get to hear lotsa other kinds of "noise", if you chose to, on my blog. I guess most of the songs are familiar but anyway, i'll go with an intro...
1) FF remix is that song you've been listening on my blog all this while.. (duh) Its a combination piece of FF3 to FF8 i believe. One of my fav! ha! =D
2) Loss of Me is from FF9 and this version is the best i've heard so far. Do listen to at least this one if that's all you're gg hear. Words can't describe though....the wonder of music. (Esp this melancholic one..)
3) Next up is a famous piece! Spirited Away's Futatabi! haha... What does it mean?? I dunno too! But the music is great. Kinda gives you the feeling of trancending or moving through time or something... but i reckon its the effect of the show on me.
4) Hmm.. I dunno this song's title.. ppl who heard this!!
5) Lastly, FF3/6's Village theme. I guess that needs no introduction too... just listen to it! haha...
Hope you'll like the selection and other kinds of things on my blog. (Though i wonder if anything on my blog is of any interest to anyone in the first place...) =/ Alrighty.... gtg study!! Spent so long doing the songs! ahhh!!!!

Edit: The Sprited Away piece is actually: itsumo nando demo. -_-" No thanks to my sis for reminding me.. bleah.. stupid sister... Oh, i realised that the footer was causing all that shifting problems of the sidebar in IE so i removed the problem. =D heh.... happy that its working now.


Blogger Caprifoliacae said...

The music only works with IE btw.... Mozilla does not support the stupid system.... -_-"

3/10/05 22:54  
Blogger Snowflake said...

Oh.. Apple supports midis but not the music in my blog.. lolz..

5/10/05 00:00  

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