Friday, September 16, 2005

Why Do We Bite Our Fingernails??!

*Ahem* Because Daryl just can't stand me doing this, i'll just have to justify this with some evidence from the book, "Imponderables". haha..You can't blame me for biting my fingernails any longer Daryl!!

Why do people bite their fingernails?
1) Imagine a caveman going out to hunt with fingernails teh length of his arm. heh...not very easy to grip that mammoth ya? So naturally, fingernail biting remains mostly an instinctive grooming behavior that allows us ease in carrying out our day-to-day activities! This proves that it is practical to bite fingernails too!

2) Humans are very solace-seeking creatures. When in a stressful or dangerous situation, humans tend to revert back to prenatal comfort and safety, hence the fetal position! Of course this cannot be expressed in society openly (otherwise you'll die of embarrassment) so the next best is revertign to a "sloutched" position that closely resembles the former. Likewise, another innate sense of comfort comes from being with a caring mother and sucking your thumb would gie that sense of oral satisfaction from that. Again,society discriminates against this behavior leaving us no choice but to nibble on our fingernails to attain a discounted form of that satisfaction. I guess taht explains why smokers smoker too! Attain the joy of oral comforts!! =p

3) Hmm.... another reason could be due to perfectionists! Especially for some who are vain, finger-biting is a quick fix to correcting an ugly finger stub. And when the result doesn't look good either, they correct it some more....and some more...and some more......till they have no nails left! =p I guess its more convenience than using a nail clipper too though..heh...

4) favourite reason. NAILS ARE ADDICTIVE! Fingernails contain a chemical called keratin. The fun part about keratin is that it is several tens of times more addictive than Heroin! The government shouldn't ban us from drugging! It should ban us from nail-biting! After all, its a widespread addiction with almost everyone in the world able to get a quick high and its rampant. NAIL-BITERS ARE EVERYWHERE! bwahaha... Its the more prevalent addiction in our world today and nobody seems to do anything about it. =p

Moving on to the times of Finger-nail Biting"...... Humans are higher thinking animals with a series of major drives that keep us going. Simplistically, these drives are like sleep, hunger, thrist, reproduction, ego, etc... Normally, these drives are pertinent enough such that lesser, minor drives like grooming get masked over in the need to attain the major drives. However, in cases where major drives are both expressed together or that they come in conflict, the will cancel each other out, "unmasking" the lesser drives.
An example is muddling over exam questions! =D At that moment, your body will try to prepare you to "run away" from a difficult problem or at least quickly finish and get over it. This "fight & flight" response cancels each other out, cauing you to groom yourself while muddling over the question! =D there! ha! You can't blame me daryl! Its inherent in me so don't bother trying to stop me! bwahaha....

Got back my prelim resutls today. Didn't do well at all. In fact, i dunno why i'm so unemotional and all! I should be crying over my result..... I guess i had either desensitized myself to results or just....come to accept it. =/ Feel strangely mortal all of a sudden though...bah... Oh nvm...Just you wait! I'll get back up there! And for once, I'm not meaning it literally... -_-"


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