Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Term 4 Starts

School's back as normal this week, though ending much earlier than before. =) Its much better this way. I finally have the time to either do work,type blgos or simple sleep now without having to worry so much about uncompleted assignments. ha! I guess that goes hand in hand with completing the syllabus too thuogh...
There are a few things i'm looking forward to...hmm...first is Honours' night. =p Its 22nd Sept, which is next week!! ahh!! Next is for my prelim results to come and die down. (Right...maybe i'm not really looking forward to that one) Then there is prep for two of my friend's birthdays which are coming up 2 weeks from now too. ^.^ My parents don't realyl see my calendar as such so its kind of a pity. sigh... They see it as impending doom, considering my atrocious performance during the prelims. My mum actually started a countdown to my first A lvl paper. Kinda freaky, having that constant reminder but i guess, as everyone would say, Its All For My Own Good. I need to snap out of my laziness lah.. somehow can't feel the trigger to study stupendously yet. Then there's GP, which i have absolutely no idea how to mug for!! O_o heh... maybe i shld just go feed my catfish and get down to work. ......maybe my catfish will provide me the answers i need. =p


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