Friday, September 09, 2005

Spending my Holidays

heh...I've been wanting to blog for the past few days but i never really got down to doing it. Guess its he lazy bug at work again. Anyway, spent this hols mainly with my friends and computer. =/ Haven't been up to much studying actually...
Just to cover up what happened over this week, hmm.. guess i'll start with Chris' party at Adeline's place. Think this was on Sat. Can't really trust my memory though.. =/ Ze lin asked me out at 3pm to buy chris a present even though we were to meet at 6. Sometimes that guy can be so kiasu. *ahem* anyway, his timing wasn't too bad in the end. We spent over 2 hours looking for the presents & barely reached the mrt station in time for the train! ha! Still can't believe we shopped so long... Moey, moey's bro, Tim, Andrew, Aaron & kei seen were at the party too and we ended up playing kei seen's Xbox games on Adeline's Xbox because she didn't have Xbox games yet. -_-" (isn't it obfuscating that someone will buy an Xbox without games?) We nearly dunked Chris into a pool but it would've created a bloody mess because the pool was crained for renovation. Instead, we because nice friends in obseving chris getting splattered with cake by (was it Adeline?) in an otherwise homely and uneventful night. =) Next up was the class party on Tuesday. That was the day where i left hoem at 6 and returned at 7! ha! Spent the morning with Greenridge pri sch prefects heling out in a workshop which undoubtably ran smoothly because of us. =D (ego ego ego...) This time, Jared,ze lin, John Teh & I were there, all invited by Ze lin's mum. The programme wasn't much to talk about...mainly games interspersed with leadership talks. Thought it would be rather boring for the children but the speaker was good. Somehow he managed to relate very well with the children. =) I wish i had that much magic around kids though... oh.. oh.. nearly forgot, we saw a Lifeng look-a-like there too! haha! Sad to say, i missed it. But the rest saw her and well.. said she really looked like Lif. "Hey lifeng! Are you sure you don't have a sister in Greenridge?!?" (And who said 1 was already bad/good enough?) ha!
well, yesterday was unexpected too. Jared actually invited ze lin and I over to play Warcraft! ha! It was only till i arrived there did i realise that his parents were out so Jared could play. =) His sis wasn't happy that we took all 3 computers but argh, who cares.... These occasions happen rare enough for us to mind. (heh..not really playing the part of a good guest well)
Was supposed to have badminton today too but it got cancelled for some freak reason. sigh.. I NEED EXERCISE! Getting fat already! I felt so unfit the other day where just walking home tired me so much that i slept for an hour. O_o (ehh..maybe sleepign is my specialty but still...) bah.. not looking for ward to sch without PE next term. =( Guess i'll have to plan something soon otehrwise... (don't wanna think about it...)


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