Friday, September 30, 2005

Mock GP Exam

Today's GP test was horrid. Wonky essay topics and equally weird compre questions like "what device is the writer using i nteh first paragraph?" Felt more like a Lit paper actually but well....just didn't really know how to answer the questions. sigh... Really hate how examiners twist and turn questions nowadays... I dunno... they're starting to play on words in questions rather than to test whether we actually know what is going on or not. bah.. Then again, i hate exams altogether.
This week wasn't really that eventful except for the heater on one of my 4 fridges breaking down. We went to buy a new one that costs $126!! (waa...) Its kinda ex but i reconsidered when i found out contractors were charging $300+ for window rivets.. *chuckle* I guess i can't be a contractor though. I just wouldn't have the courage to demand for such ludicrious prices from my customers. I mean, i'll prolly end up with a flat nose after that.. haha.. Anyway, i'll be helping my dad fix it tonight! yup! Its good to do things D.I.Y. Saves time,money and you get to learn something new!! ( the fact that heaters never seem to work when you're the one fixing it..) *ahem* Well, we'll see...
Its really good to see so many ppl still sparing the time to read my blog. (Esp thse who don't even update their own blogs! ha!) I'm currently using Mozilla to read my entries but i heard comments that the background music was getting annoying...hmm... I'll try to change that once i steal a better tune from another person's blog. bwahaha... Well, hope i'll get to write again soon.... =D


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