Friday, September 02, 2005


Bah... I hate news reporters lah! Was innocently shopping at NTUC for a Teachers' day gift on teachers' day (opps...)then this newscrew stealthily inched over and asked me, In CHINESE, whether i eat fruits or not... -_-" Trust my mum to just scoot away when they come, leaving me alone,nervously, under the glare of their cameraman. I mean, if it was in English, it wouldn't have been so bad...but CHINESE!??! bah.. In the end, the interview went something like this....
Reporter: Qing wen ne you chi shui guo mah?
Me: you
Reporter: Ne de peng you you chi shui guo mah?
Me: You sie chi, you sie mei chi. You sie yong shui guo dang err...lunch...lai chi, bie de shhi wo mei chi. (I swore i saw his eyebrow twitch ard this time...)
Reporter: Err..hmm.. (Obviously trying to change the subject) Wei she meh ne de peng you bu chi shui guo ne?
Me: (thinks...wo zen de bu zhi dao!) ehh.. Ying wei shui guo bu bi bie de shi wo hao chi. (blabbers some incoherent chinese to make up for lack of knowledge on language)
I think the poor reporter left straight after that. -_-" ha! Trust him to pick an AC student to speak chinese..bah...
Teachers' Day went rather well today! It rained early on, so we had short ACES Day Boxercising & nice cool weather. Next were the rather interesting performances. Go JonK! Somehow, they managed to keep most of the draggy portions out of the programme this year! ha! Still remember the not-so-unpleasant ceremony previously. Anyway, happy that i got to see my teachers at the end of that. Hope they liked my last-minute presents. ha! (I failed Art so don't blame me!!Its the thought that counts!) =p Finally was able to go out with my class after that & we went to PastaMania for lunch. My 1st time there! =) was ok...but recently it seemed i just suddenly lost the taste for cheese. Had to leave soon after to meet Germy to colelct Chris's present but no loss because i was dead-tired by then. Spent the better part of Thursday night sorting out teahers' day gifts... (Psst..was planing on giving Mrs Soong a solenoid but in the end....nah... haha..) Glad it all worked out though. ha! Hope you guys had a great teachers' day too.. =)


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