Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fruits Basket & Catfish!

Started watching this new anime, Fruits Basket, which my cousin lent to me., i like the ending! Twas sung to some slow waltz tune taht well...had a rather fruity tang to it. =) The anime wasn't too bad too, just that it doesn't have the battles,competitions, missions and distinct enemies that most other animes would have. Its one of those "everyoneshappyandgay" kind of anime again! hts a! Guess its not really my type though...its too...err....cute! haha... (you'll understand when you watch it) Hmm..on the values it teaches, "be thankful for what you have" i guess. That prolly made it more attuned to reality. i dunno... =/
Oh, before i ramble on further, let me introduce my =) It doesn't have a name yet. Not very sure whether i want to give it a name. O_o After all, this pet was unexpected... he came together with other tiny fishies in a pack (he was tiny too then) that was meant for feeding my koi. Well, in the end, the koi died, and the tiny fishies started something akin to Battle Royale. (guess who won..) -_-" *ahem* so yup, that's the background of my catfish. Of course, he's no longer tiny now & he eats ALOT. haha.. Was contemplating whether to send him to a reservior too but finally decided to keep him because he was so receptive to me! =p I'll put up a picture of him as soon as i can get one under that murky fishtank water. you can guess, i'm ratehr hopeless at breeding pets...or catfishes.
Sch starts tmr! see you all again!


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