Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dino's Birthday

Celebrated Dino's birthday today by getting him to bake a cake! (We helped him of course..) I uploaded the pictures on the sidebar so you can take a peek at what we spent 3-4 hours making. =p Heh... considering that this was our first time making cakes, its actually not bad ok! Looks weren't so much to hoot at but the taste was great! We managed to somehow elude out the bittersweet essence of the cocoa powder in the cake which ,i'd say, went very well with the peach & cheery topping that we used. ha! Became really shagged after that....never did so much (physical) work in 1 day since Mass PT (Physical Torture). phew...glad those are long gone days.
Oh, apart from that, as promised, i uploaded a picture of my beautiful catfish!! haha.. *ahem* it may look blur but it is actually really smart. It came right to the front when i shook the fish-food bottle. (ok...ok..its usual Pavlov reflex & it prolly salivated as well.... wait, do fish have saliva?) O_o Kinda big huh? Considering that it arrived in my house as no larger than my pinky.... Oh, one question on it. Does its back look hunched?? My mum thinks so but i felt that its a natural illusion because its head was so big. ( alk, Catfish need big heads to run away from Dogfishes..) hmm.. do comment... (Yah! I read comments too ok! Not just the tagboard.. -_-") Great, Why do i have a feeling no one's interested in my catfish?? *sob*


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