Monday, September 19, 2005

Day after Mooncake fest thingy..

Today's physics remedial...well.. i dunno if i want to stay back for it anymore. It doesn't seem very helpful & everyone's time is so rushed and can't really analyse a qn well before the next one is asked already. I guess people who can think fast do benefit, but i'm a slow leaner so... aye... I dunno. I guess i'll get more revision done at home though...
I'm starting to feel time pass fast again too. An hour at 8 seems much longer than on hour at 18. Perhaps its because we sleep more at 8. The world, based on a few active hours seem to expand out more, filling out more our conscience per day than what we do now. That's a reason why...maybe....people shouldn't rush so much? It all really depends on what each of us want but i just want to share this... People may say that its a rat-race, a dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest world out there. But...we are not animals!! There's no reason we sould act like that! Right?? right?? sigh...


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