Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bad results....

Haven't you heard how everyone tries to console each other by saying "Results don't matter"? heh..well, seriously, do you actually still believe in such things? Results do matter. You'll do well to learn that as a start. Whether you like it or not, bad results are etched on your life forever like a stain on white linen. You can't remove it. You can choose not to show it to other, choose not to look it at , but its still there. What's done cannot be undone. That personal guilt, that inner voice that haunts you, "why could I do better!?" will cling to you every time you reflect on your results. Its really the only major responsibility given to you as a student and you've messed it up. How many hearts did you break when, after hours of repeated lessons, you couldn't even muster a pass? How much has been spent in pleading expectation for you to demonstrate your array of academic abiliities? But no, you couldn't. And they think its because you're defiant or lazy or becuase of other such excuses that they consider unacceptable.... Maybe its becuase you don't have any abilities to start with.... Really, its life given & life wasted. In a way, results are not central. Everyone was forced to study hard or exams. Its the fate of students anyway. The on;y difference is that if your results are bad, you'll be forced to study matter how hard you're studying already. No one said studying ensures good results but others continus to use it as a good excuse to grine us on our yoke. That's the life of a student... Life deals you worse later, if you decide to live it.


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