Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Day

When it started to rain early afternoon, i thought, "cool....there goes NDP!" but i was wrong....thankfully. =p The celebrations were really great, as usual, and what they organisers did this year was surely what was most lacking in past parades. A sense of having the whole island celebrate as one in unity as a a Singapore. =) Heard that it was held in 4 different venues this year, including Yishun, Marina bay, Jurong East & Kallang, was it? ha! Its a wonder how they coordinated everything, esp at the end. Well, sad to say, i missed the Samsui Women segment (if there was one) =( Got distracted by dinner & Spirited Away. (Go Chihiro/Sen...whatever!!) The songs in that show ere unforgettable and not in the sense "Reach for the skies" was unforgettable. I learnt Name of Life from Spirited Away & its a natural on the piano... sigh... I'll try to put up the song as a BGM here if i can find a midi on it. (MP3s take way too much bandwidth)
I'm starting to realise that the more a foodstall gets publicised, the worse the food tastes. For lunch today, we went to one of these so-called heavenly 5 hawkers by Makansutra. It took us the better of 30 mins just to queue for our kway chap there! Sigh... To top it all, the expensive $22 worth of food wasn't anything spectacular either. In all honesty, i personally think that buying kway chap from another hawker that isn't as rushed to serve customers would far surpass the quality of food that that stall was selling.... and at a much cheaper price too.


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