Saturday, August 06, 2005

Exam Blues

It seems that everyone is feeling down nowadays even with National Day coming up. Everyone's either busy studying or busy worrying about studying. Sigh, looks like its end to those good old days of carefree slacking again....not that I miss them. -_-" As for my part, I just can't seem to settle down into any serious form of study even though my exams are like.... in 1 week's time. Just hate myself for not being able to concentrate hard enough. (and when I do get down to concentrate, I hate myself for getting a headache) oh bother...
Hmm.. I received this wad of ACJC Fun-O-Rama coupons for the funfair next year on 18th Feb. Apparently, they decided to hold it on that day because it was the XVIII funfair the school was holding. Its the same as last year, 9am to 6pm at ACJC itself. If you're interested in spending a day of fun there (possibly with me =p) or to just support the school, I'll be around trying to pass my cute little tickets with weird discount vouchers to you in exchange for $10 apiece! Rmbr, all money goes to the school. Those horrid organisers made us students pay for whatever we use in the carnival itself. (INCLUDING THE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY!! GASP!)
And oh, to leave a piece of my mind, the way Honours' Day nominations are being conducted is really obfuscating. First they tell us teachers decide who to nominate, then they tell us to approach teachers to be nominated if we want to. Its so weird! Sigh... I guess its another cheap ploy to get away with slave-driving students in CCAs and not giving them the honour or 2 years' service. heh... Perhaps I'm wrong but who's to know.... I get the impression that teachers seem to act blur when it comes to managing CCA activities & records in JC. O_o Great.. I'm generalizing again. *can't be bothered* K...better end here before I offend more people.. =/


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