Monday, July 04, 2005

Youth Day

Once again, its the end of a long weekend. =( I feel kind of sad that it had to come (and go) so soon. sigh.. I sometimes think of such festivals as "school holiday credits" Its just so wasted for it to come just after such a long break... Its like losing 1 credit for nothing much. I'd rather it come closer to the prelims (like National day) so that i can do self study without teachers nagging at my back for late hw. bah... I'll prolly just get another scolding for forgetting the true meaning of public holidays, but who cares? Isn't school more impt to the student? Meritocracy demands this attitude over indulging in holidays, doesn't it? Weird system.. (and now i'll prolly get scolded from the govt) Come to think of it, even schools don't bother celebrating Youth day. *chuckle*
Played in the National Schools' League on Sat and become my most entertaining game. Despite losing, the game's position swayed to both me and my opponent's advantage several times. Moreover, we were also playing on time which added to the vigour of the game. ha! Sad to say, i'm really losing my touch with chess. Can't "see" the moves anymore. =( Sunday & today were pretty dull days. I wanted to go out today but well... waking up at 12nn isn't really the kind of way you would want if you were to go out, so nvm. In the end, i stayed home to play piano & help dad bake swiss roll! =p
Oh, before i forget. (been waiting for 12 to come. ha!)

A birthday is a great way to start a week off. =) You're lucky, so you better treasure this one. Hmm.. come to think of it, 18 is a good age too. You get to do a lot of things at 18. (My personal fav is the casino) hee...
K, i better go sleep now. Don't want to wake up at 12 tmr..... -_-"


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