Sunday, July 24, 2005

SMC Handover prelude

yay! Its finally here and its this TUESDAY! haha.. once again, though, SMC is getting on my nerves. Crazy how some people can miss out not being on the attendance list for eons taking that i've put it up on the notice board, dragged a copy to the files section in the webby (and used a notified alert when i did so) and hounded people countless times for them to double check attendance with me. Sigh.... they've got to be living dinosaurs not to hear me. oh well.. i'll just get over it anyhow....
I realised that ACJC is so pampering! I've like... whole day aircon periods and unlike other JCs, an AIRCON ASSEMBLY AREA!! ha! Nearly forgot how fortunate i was until i passed by NYJC and saw their "less-than-glamourous" parade square. Oh what to do? =/ Not that i like being bathed in dry air all the time. I've got to admit that sometimes i can't understand how people take so much aircon in their lives. Its as though their natural habitat was the artic or something. Yes, i'm a supporter of the great outdoors and the weather there! =)
I'm thoroughly worried about the biomed quiz...puzzled, confunded, bah... I'll put effort, i hope i hope... Once i learn to stop procrastinating....


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