Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Hmm.. title is self-explanatory so i guess i'll talk about what i did during my confinement at home. Well, firstly, i slept. =D Slept more than 12 hours at one go and i manage in about twice of that periods in 1 day. I guess i never slept so much in my life. ha! In between those long breaks, i managed in some piano playing. Apparently, i'm addicted to this new song from Spirited Away, "The Name of Life". Thanks Si En for the original score. Thanks Wendy, my sis, for arranging it into a mass of spots and lines only you can read. My sis's version was good enough for performance! ha! Original arrangement. yay..
I'm still recovering but i'll prolly be back tmr if nothing goes wrong. The doctor wasn't very nice though. She took one look at my throat and muttered "very bad..very bad.." And shook her head as if seeing a terminally ill patient. She muttered the same words and did the same actions again after taking my temperature. I guess she kinda makes you feel like you stepped into a funeral parlour or something. i dunno...
The cocktail of medicine she gave was staggering too. 2 antibiotic tablets,2 panadol 3 times a day, piriton, cough mixture, cataflam, lozenges... If i didn't die from the germs, i thought i'd surely die from the medication. I wonder if the doctor did it in her best interest or not because the bill came up to $30! crazy... I rmbr being treated for the same things in primary school and the bill barely reached 1/2 that amount. Sigh... No wonder so many people want to become doctors.

On Wednesday
yay.. finally feel better. =) Think i could've gone to school today but a blocked nose and sore throat kept me up so i had to take this morning to rest. I was a walking zombie earlier today. sigh.. Another thing that struck me was the number of people who wished me good luck, tkc and all. =) Never felt so cherished in my life! ha! Thank you all, miss you too. I'll try to return to school tmr if nothing serious crops up. =p


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