Sunday, July 17, 2005

Queer weekend

I lost my match in the National Schools' League again! ahh.... i feel stupid and lousy. bah... I really lost my touch with Chess. Guess i won't be of anymore help to the team. sigh... *sad sad sad* Wen to make up for it by gorging. Food makes you happy. yah...
A really queer thing happened later that night. I had a queer dream. -_-" I dreamt that our class was playing catching in a HDB precinct & Denise was the catcher! ha! Guess we're all young at heart. But it was really weird.... (Hope its not a bad omen)
The next morning (this morning), God purposely made it rain extra heavily so that i have to wake up for church. ha! Kinda happy that i went (after so long) but the stupid comtemporary style left me with a throbbing headache. -_-" I dunno how youths can tolerate earthquake-type drum beats & banshee-like singing. (ahem..not that the singing was bad) But IT WAS TOO LOUD YOU IDIOTS! We're all going to turn deaf by 21 and i'm sure no one will miss it. After all, there will be hearing aids for sale...
I think i'm coming down with a cough.. sigh.. oh well.. going off to help dad with dinner then study. tkc ppl! 4 more weeks to Prelims! ah!


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