Saturday, July 09, 2005

On stepping down

Last Wednesday, i finally passed the reins of SGC down to the new committee and now, i'm already beginning to feel nostalgia over resigning. Its like, you no longer get to wear that rectangular badge anymore. sigh.. Now i realise how much i like the club even after i professed to hate it so much.... *nostalgia*
The SMC comm will be stepping down soon too & the worrying thing is that the exco doesn't really have anyone particularly outstanding on their minds yet. Not that it really matters though. We mostly set the activities in place for them already. Its just a matter of them wanting to follow up with it or not. =) Moreover, its all on an ad-hoc basis, (So cool right?) so if potential leaders are found later, they can be rewarded with positions later. =) You know, Steve being pres, despite his Student Council commitments is a good thing. He learns to apply Student Council ideas to SMC & changed it so much for the better. I wish i could learn to be that efficient, but oh well... my time has past. Its A lvls to look forward to now. Wish you all the best in your studies! (Wish myself luck too!) haha... till next time! haseyoh!


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