Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day to remember

Well, the handover ceremony was as informal as it could get but it definately made its place as a nostalgic milestone in my life. Probably the most prominent part was the exchange of gifts. The new exco made these cute little gift socks for us seniors and in turn, Steve handed out some gifts to them too. =) The retiring exco had a chance to say some final words too but somehow, i didn't raelly feel like talking. Sigh.. was in one of my moods, feeling that sense of loss again and i just didn't feel that it was right to spread it in the midst of the rather sanguine atmosphere.
Anyway, i probably just wanted to say that i'll really miss you guys at SMC. I know we had an extremely fun year there with all the activities and all. Still can't forget the time where i sat at that chair next to Adam at the interview wondering how SMC would be like. In fact, on thinking back, i don't think i would've performed with as much dedication that i had based on my outlook then. Steve & Adam, thank you guys for inspiring me so much over the last year here. I really hope that you'll spread your enthusiasm to our juniors as well. Juniors, lead with passion. Its not what needs to be done but rather what you want to do. SMC is fun because all its activities have been based on ideas that are fun to hold and not what needs to be held for any other reason at all. To say, i'm actually worried for your year. From this first Handover Ceremony, its becoming obvious that you're not quite able to organise things efficiently enough. =( Do learn fast and well. Do not be afraid to take leadership whenever given the chance to. To the teachers, I've never seen a more dedicated staff for any other CCA around, even Student's council! ha! I hope that you'll continue to guide the new committee well as you have done for us. Its really been a pleasure to work under all of you.
Sigh.. guess i'll start to miss those Steve-Sarah quarrels, the various exco meetings we had and all. ha! Can't be helped i know, but i hope that we'll still continue to keep in touch even as we leave. =) all the best for your A lvls everyone!


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